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Magic Fest Vegas 2019

 - Top 8 -

Over 120 players joined the Oldschool Tournament at Magic Fest Vegas held on August 24th, 2019.  The 13 players who finished 5-1 on August 24th were invited to compete for a re-do of the finals on August 25th.

12 players arrived to compete on August 25th (pictured above), and the top 8 finished as follows:

1. Jonathan Salem
2. Mike Kravitz
3-4. Eric Froehlich
3-4. Brandon Turner
5-8. Athena Froehlich
5-8. Brian Urbano
5-8. John Tadena
5-8. Jacob Braun

The following are the deck photos from the top 8.
Please note that this event did not require deck photos, so some of these photos have been taken months after the event and may not represent card for card the exact deck played at the tournament.

#1. Jonathan Salem (Hive Control)

#2. Mike Kravitz (DibAtog)

#3-4. Eric Froehlich (DibAtog)

#3-4. Brandon Turner (BU)

#5-8. Athena Froehlich (Goblins)

#5-8. Jacob Braun (UR Counterburn)

#5-8. John Tadena (Mono Black)

#5-8. Brian Urbano (Workshop Aggro)

October - 2019

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