Alpha Misprints

In August 1993 Wizards of the Coast released the 1st wave of its initial print run, which came to be known as "Alpha".  This first printing contained 295 unique cards, and was a very small order of just 2.6 million cards total.

The easiest way to distinguish these cards from the 2nd printing known as "Beta", is the extra rounded corners on Alpha cards.

However there were numerous changes made between print runs, and as a result many Beta cards were changed before they were printed.

This is a visual guide to these changes, showing the 23 cards which have noticeable template changes between Alpha and Beta.

Basalt Monolith


Circle of Protection Red

Demonic Hordes

Elvish Archer

Icy Manipulator


Orcish Artillery

Phantasmal Forces

Rock Hydra

Tropical Island

Birds of Paradise

Cyclopean Tomb

Death Ward

Drain Life

Force of Nature

Island Sanctuary

Mana Short

Orcish Oriflamme

Red Elemental Blast

Sedge Troll



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